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Tuotenumero:AIM 1

Huippulaadukas AIM sekkari kuudella eri näytöllä, 4 eri kilpailijan yhtäaikaiseen ajanottoon, nopein aika, 100 kierroksen muisti kaikille… ym

Tekniset tiedot:

A Unique multidisplay stopwatch, which enables you to time up to four competitors simultaneously.
Up to 100 lap times plus up to 9 split times per lap, per competitor can be taken and stored in memory.

Fastest, slowest and average times are shown.
The following timing options can be selected:
1) Competitors start at individual times. Examples include a qualifying session, or a time trial.
2) Competitors start at the same time as in the beginning of a race.

100 CUM/LAP Splits, time up to four competitors simultaneously,
Sort Times into “Grid” order.

Length: 110mm, Width: 58mm Depth: 16mm, Digits: 4mm